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Bass Medics

Bass Medics

Bass Medics Catch-N-Cool Ice Blocks

Refreezeable ice blocks are colder than ice and used to provide prolonged water temperature reduction in livewells, holding tanks and bait tanks during hot weather. These blocks are nontoxic to humans and fish. Designed to be used with Rejuvenade or BaitFresh in livewells and bait tanks. Bass Medics Catch-N-Cool

Price: $4.19
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Bass Medics Rejuvenade Livewell Conditioner

A patent pending formulation of essential components, scientifically formulated to address problems associated with the catch and release of bass and other game fi sh in tournament situations. It revitalizes, replenishes and re-energizes bass and game fish preparing them for release. By replacing lost energy and helping to return proper balance to the fish’s system, it will help decrease recovery time and help to increase the survival rates of bass and game fish caught and held during tournament angling. Rejuvenade contains only food grade dyes (FD&C Blue #1) and human food and animal feed grade nutritional and dietary supplements. Rejuvenade is conveniently packaged in 290 gram jars, just mix one cap per 20 gallons of livewell water and you will be amazed at the results! A jar treats 500 gallons of water.

Price: $15.99
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